Yep. I’m leaving forever.

I’ve been thinking and thinking about this and, in the end, I think it’s better if I just leave this account. Even if I love roleplaying Jack and everything, I just can’t deal with the threads anymore. I don’t have so much free time, and when I have it I’m too tired for roleplaying. And when I have free time and I say ¨Hey let’s rp¨, I enter in this account and… stay for a while before logging off again without having anything done. I can’t keep on saying to the roleplayers who still rp with me ¨Oh, I’m sorry, I’m late again¨, ¨Yes, I owe you a reply since October, I’m sorry!¨, ¨I will have the thread done soon!¨, because… yeah. I can’t keep on promising something I’m not sure I will be able to do. It’s not fair at all, and less to the people I’m roleplaying with.

I can’t catch with the dashboard neither— which is kinda sad. I mean, what’s the point of being in an Independant Community if I can’t even catch with the dashboard, and see how all the other roleplayers are doing, or without having random crack threads as I used to have before?  I had problems to catch the dashboard/be part of the community before (because, well, almost all the roleplayers are from America, so they have a completely different time zone from mine, so I normally missed a lot of funny things because of this), but… that was different, I guess. Also, the fact that almost all my rp partners are gone as well doesn’t help neither.

So… yeah. I first thought of just not coming back to this account, but I think it was rather rude doing that, since at least I wanted to say ¨goodbye¨ and all. After all, I had a lot of funny moments in this community, and I’m going to miss it.

If anyone is interested to keep in touch with me (or if you never had roleplayed with me but somehow you want to talk with me or anything), you can follow me in my personal, thegirlscage, or you can add me to skype. My skype username is alicexinaba. You can add me if you want— but please, if you do it, tell me who you are, or the url of your blog, so that I can recognize you and I don’t think you’re a random bot. Feel free to come an add me/talk me, really. I would be more than happy for that.

So, thank you for everything!

P.S: I’m not going to delete this blog because I have a lot of good moments here, and I want to keep on having them. 

P.S2: If you want to message me, message me to my personal. I won’t reply to this account anymore. Just sayin’.